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(Effective Date: 2020-03-12)
SMIC Conflict Mineral Policy Statement 中芯国际冲突矿产政策声明
(Effective Date: 2019-09-10)
CMA Supplier Requirements_Chinese 冲突矿产供应商要求(中文版)
(Effective Date: 2017-06-06)
CMA Supplier Requirements_English 冲突矿产供应商要求(英文版)
(Effective Date: 2017-06-06)
Notification for SupplyPortal reset password 供应商系统登录账号密码更新
(Effective Date: 2012-02-23)
Reminder of International Trade Regulations 重申中芯国际厂商需遵守国际贸易规定
(Effective Date: 2010-12-10)
SMIC's Code of Ethical Standards Announcement 中芯国际企业道德规范
(Effective Date: 2010-08-24)
Shanghai hazardous chemical safety management regulation 上海市危险化学品运输管理规定告知
(Effective Date: 2006-02-16)
A new rule on wood packaging material (WPM) with imported consignments 进境货物木质包装检疫新规定
(Effective Date: 2006-01-01)